Things to do in Summer

Summer is here and it’s Came In a flash it’s school break and peace has settled among us.

So as y’all know it’s summer and the weather is getting hot, but it’s known to have a cup of cool-Aid and sit down and relax by the pool. That does sound relaxing well you might be looking for a good time to do that and all but here’s a few recommendments!

  1. Have Some KoolAid and relax in the sun
  2. Spread a towel or a blanket out in the sun and sunbathe.
  3. have some instant Pudding Vanilla or Chocolate.
  4. Take a walk with your dog.
  5. Jump on the Trimpoline
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Among us (ONE WAY TO WIN)

you probably know about the game Among us..

WELL Im gonna show you somthing better then that!!

  • SHHHHHHHH!!!!!
  • There is ONE imposter Among us..
Nearly half a billion users played Among Us in November - The Verge

All right crewmates Here are the colors to pick from!

Blue. If you upvote this, it will show up when people Google search Blue,  Color Blue, or Blue Color. : firstworldanarchists

Now your color is chosen do all your tasks if your chosen crewmate..

you were chosen imposter

Alright go ahead to Admin. WOW your sure lucky! theres one person there! an your ready to take em out!

Hurry and vent so no one sees you!

WHAT NOOOOOOO EVERYONE LEFT?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thats….. um Thats… one way to win……

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